The Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (ZEFF) has congratulated all winners of the recently held harmonised elections, challenging them to accept the outcomes gracefully.

In a statement, ZEFF described the election period as having been insightful, leaving them with a lot of lessons.

While indicating their displeasure with their performance, the party that participated under the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC), revealed that a review of the alliance would be made soon after gathering the views coming in from the structures.

Party President, Mr Innocent Ndibali, challenged all political players to accept the results so that focus can now shift towards development.

“As a mass driven political movement, we believe that the people spoke through casting their votes. We call upon every political party to respect the will of the people who voted. Anyone who has any grievances, let them pursue a legal route to avoid plunging the country into chaos and anarchy,” he said.

Mr Ndibali further called for the ensuring of fairness in land ownership with the need for former president, Robert Mugabe to relinquish some of the land that he allegedly owns.

“The government announced that the former president Mugabe owns 21 farms. We are firmly pursuing that the government takes about 20 farms from him so that he remains with one as per our belief that one family one farm. We will also be doing a follow up to the communication we opened with the Ministry of Lands to see to it that these farms are repossessed,” he said.

ZEFF took the opportunity to pay tribute to the winners and also encouraged them to continue taking suggestions from all progressive Zimbabweans.