The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) this week held a public relations workshop at Lookout Masuku Barracks in Bulawayo where commanding officers and commandants in the southern region were equipped with communication and media handling skills.

Stakeholders agreed that there is need to bridge the gap between the army commandants and journalists.

The Chief of Staff, Major General David Sigauke said he believes that top journalists and academic professors have important ideas to share with top army personnel.

The Chronicle Editor, Innocent Madonko urged the army to embrace both public and private media to avoid speculation on important military issues.

The Director in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Retired Major Dr Anywhere Mutambudzi highlighted that the media are critical force multipliers which need to be embraced to improve national interest in the public.

The media plays an important role both in peace and war times and it is critical for media practitioners to understand security issues to compliment the army in defending the country.