Defence Forces commanders say they remain fully committed to supporting government programmes such as the economic blue print ZIM ASSET, command agriculture and the education drive as evidenced by their full participation in such key areas.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) are part of the country’s socio economic and political narrative hence its participation through its constitutionally assigned role of ensuring a stable environment conducive for the country to develop unhindered by instability.

“In its quest to achieve its objectives it has participated in the implementation of government programmes such as ZIM ASSET where it is visible in the food and nutrition cluster through its involvement in command agriculture,” said Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant General Phillip Valerio Sibanda.

The Air Force of Zimbabwe has on its part intensified its quest to remain relevant in the dynamic world through ensuring its human resource capital base advances in the area of education in line with the government’s thrust, said Air Marshal Perrence Shiri.

The ZDF has also been very visible in demining the landmines infested along border lying areas of the country, the construction of schools and clinics and also provided assistance during floods and drought through logistical support.