constantine chiwenga 08-08-11.pngThe Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has been described as one of the best forces, whose services continue to be sought after in the world.

Years of biting illegal sanctions have failed to shake off the cutting edge of the ZDF, whose professional workmanship has seen the services of the force being sought after in troubled areas worldwide.

This was said by the ZDF Commander, General Constantine Chiwenga after witnessing a mock pre-dawn battle carried out as part of the graduation of 15 commanders of the ZNA at the All Arms Battle School in Nyanga on Saturday.

“The ZDF are a pride, not just to the nation or the region but to the whole world. Where ever we go, they have raised the Zimbabwean flag high. We have been to Angola and the results speak for themselves for everyone to see,” said Gen Chiwenga.

The Battalion Group Commander’s Course, which is meant to prepare commanders to take their troops into battle should be run regularly,  were it not for the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, said General Chiwenga.

Zimbabwe has gone through a decade under sanctions which have crippled various sectors from the economy but the ZDF have remained resolute, using inadequate resources to produce a polished act that has seen the country enjoying a peaceful sleep for more than 30 years.