raymond-majongwe-.jpgLong time political allies, the ZCTU and the MDC-T, could be headed for a showdown after the labour movement presented petitions to the inclusive government demanding salary reviews in solidarity with civil servants.

While civil servants have previously expressed anger at Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai’s unfulfilled promises to grant them better salaries when he was sworn in, the ZCTU on behalf of the government workers took off to the streets this Wednesday in protest.

The labour movement handed over petitions to the office of the Public Service Commission Chairperson, Dr Mariyawanda Nzuwah, the Minister of Labour and Social Services, Ms Paurina Mpariwa and the Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ) demanding a review of civil servants salaries with effect from January 2012.

“We want a review of civil servants salaries with effect from January 2012 and those salaries should be paid in line with the PDL….” said Mr Lovemore Matombo, the ZCTU president.

PTUZ Secretary General, Mr. Raymond Majongwe (pictured) said the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) must continue negotiating to find a lasting solution to the issue of civil servants salaries.


“The TNF should sit and come up with solutions which should address salaries without politicizing this matter…”said Majongwe.

While the poverty datum line is currently pegged at US$546, a majority of civil servants earn around US$290, thus raising serious questions on how they manage to survive.