The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) has started the much anticipated conglomerate mining ahead of the commissioning of the project next month.

Following the discovery of diamonds within the Chiadzwa area of Manicaland, companies that were given concessions to mine by the government were concentrating on alluvial mining however, the depletion of the alluvial reserves ushered in a need for kimberlite mining systems.

The conglomerate diamonds are located deeper than the alluvial ones but and more value compared to the alluvial diamonds but the need for highly technological equipment to extract the mineral has been the focal point of Zimbabwe. 

ZCDC has been mandated by the government to spearhead the mining processes.

The company’s chief executive officer Dr Morris Mpofu told the ZBC News, mechanisms to embark on the conglomerate diamond mining process have been finalised with the firm now forging ahead with the extraction systems for the mineral.

“We are now doing our best to extract the mineral following the finalisation systems,” said Dr Mpofu.

According to a global diamond mining report, conglomerate diamonds are a rock consisting of individual stones that have been cemented together and require highly mechanised machinery to extract.