What counts in life is not the mere fact that you are living, but the difference that you bring to the lives of others.

A Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Power FM Producer/Presenter, Rumbidzayi Moyo has taken it upon herself to demonstrate practically that it is good to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud by launching an appeal for assistance to help an 8-year old girl who is suffering from a rare condition of skin cancer.

It is often said, ‘one cannot change the direction of the wind, but one can adjust the sails to reach their destination.’

This quote written by an author called Jimmy Dean aptly applies to the life of an 8-year old Bridget Mandimutsira who is living with a condition known in medical terms as Zeroderma Pigmentosa.

Her mother, Benedict Makumbe has been by the girl’s side through more than 20 surgeries which were done to remove tumors from all over her head, face and chest.

The ZBC News has aired the young girl’s story twice in 2016 when the mother was looking for financial assistance to enable her go for the routine medical check-ups.

The last story highlighted that Bridget’s condition had affected her left eye.

Now Bridget has gone blind after she developed a tumor which covered the right side of her face, extending to her ear and nose.

Presently, she is admitted at Steve Biko Teaching Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa and Power FM’s Rumbidzayi Moyo has launched an appeal on social media platforms to raise money for her treatment and upkeep.

While many mothers marvel at their daughters, Amai Bridget looks at her daughter and her heart breaks.

Bathing and feeding her on a daily basis is no mean feat but her mother draws strength from knowing that it was God’s will, which cannot be appealed.

The hopeful mother had saved 14 000 rands from her buying and selling venture but all her savings have now run out and she requires at least 800 rands daily for Bridget’s upkeep in the hospital.

Like any other child her age, Bridget dreamt of becoming a pilot one day but that dream has been shattered.

After seeing Bridget, one would think that her life is all pain but the little girl has the willpower of a Samurai and she bravely faces each day as it comes.

Those who are willing to assist Bridget can get in touch with Rumbidzayi on her cell number or Bridget’s mother Benedict Makumbe on her South African number.

No amount is too little because as the saying goes, thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and yet the life of the candle will not be shortened.