Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s radio station, Classic 263, embarked on an educational cholera awareness campaign in Glen View hoping to play its part in curbing the disease.

It is every organisation’s responsibility to ensure they contribute towards advancing clean and safe environments in the wake of the cholera scourge.

Classic 263 was in Glen View playing its part to educate the community on cholera awareness and the need to ensure hygienic lifestyles are adhered to.

Station Manager Mqhele Tshuma says the media by virtue of being information conveyors are an important player in the fight against cholera, hence the initiative which also served to market brand Classic 263.

“The message to the people was to make sure that they practice proper hygiene to avoid the spread of cholera,” said Mr Tshuma.

Glen View was identified as the epicentre of the latest cholera outbreak leading to its water sources mostly boreholes being condemned as unsafe to drink.

Good hygienic behaviour is therefore a necessary requirement in the face of continued outbreaks.