ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe and the television main news bulletins are dominating the air waves, according to the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) results released today in Harare.

Out of the 11 radio stations broadcasting in Zimbabwe, Radio Zimbabwe claimed a 39 percent stake followed by Star FM on 29 percent and ZBC’s Power FM on third position at 16 percent.

ZBC’s National FM has been the only station to increase viewership if compared to statistics published last year, having risen by 3 percent from 9 to 12percent, a development attributed to its inclusion of the national languages.

Zi-FM is at 11%, while Yaa FM and ZBC’s SFM remained stagnant at 6 percent and 3 percent respectively.

Despite a marginal 2 percent decline in viewership, the television main news bulletin remains ZBC Tv’s favourite programme and has 56% stake followed by local dramas whose viewership have increased from 27% to 35%.

Sport viewership has also increased significantly.

ZBC Head of Commercial Services, Mr Edward Muchuchuti said the national broadcaster has embraced technology and the social media in its programming, hence the boost in viewership.

Mr Muchuchuti said the latest results have the potential to attract more advertisers and viewers.

Topline Research Solutions CEO, Mr Patson Gasura noted that the results are authentic and are a reflection of the current trends in the broadcasting industry.