ZBC Chief Executive Officer Mr Patrick Mavhura leads the national broadcaster’s clean-up campaign [01.02.19]

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) this Friday heeded the call by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to inculcate a sense of cleanliness and clean environments by taking part in the National Clean-Up Campaign.

ZBC staff and management this Friday spared some time out of their busy schedules to clean-up Copacabana Bus Terminus and surrounding areas in Harare.

The ZBC Chief Executive Officer Mr Patrick Mavhura who was part of the cleaners highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean city.

Harare Town Clerk Mr Hosiah Chisango who also joined the ZBC staffers thanked ZBC and other corporates who have adopted President Mnangagwa’s vision of a clean city.

If such cleanliness could be maintained on a daily, weekly and monthly basis then surely Harare would retain its sunshine city status.

Gweru residents warm up to National Clean-up Day

Meanwhile, some Gweru residents have warmed up to the National Clean-Up Day by putting aside their political affiliations and converging in Ascot suburb for a clean-up exercise this Friday morning.

The ZBC team also participated in the exercise.

Some of the residents who spoke to ZBC News said it’s only befitting for them to partake in the national exercise which could preserve the City of Progress’ status as one of the cleanest cities in the country.

For Gweru City Council Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe, the national project has sprung the city fathers to action with residents fond of littering warned of being held to account for their actions.

“We have by-laws in place for people who litter. However, we have been lenient to implement such laws on residents. This declaration by the President means we are no longer going to tolerate residents who practice such and I can assure you our council police will make sure that laws are enforced,” he said.

The national project which has attracted a major buy-in from stakeholders is seen as an answer to create a culture of cleanliness amongst Zimbabweans.