zbc_logo.pngZimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) staff and management, in partnership with other stakeholders, came together in responding to the plight of the Ndowa family in Mudzi District by donating various accessories and foodstuffs.

The family, whose plight was aired on ZBC News in October, has two children, 34 year old Tozivei and 31 year old Barbara Ndowa with disabilities, and a bed-ridden mother who are being taken care of by the father.

The mother, Mrs cecila ndowa suffered a stroke two years ago.

The ZBC staff spent a day with the family situated in the Masarakufa area, in Mudzi District, Mashonaland East Province.

The staff and management donated a bicycle, wheelbarrow, a cellphone, blankets, clothes and foodstuffs.

ZBC News Nhau/Indaba and Lunchtime News Executive Producer, Sheila Mahlatini, who spoke on behalf of the ZBC staff and management, said the ZBC staff was touched by the plight of the family.

Mr and Mrs Gloria Mutemeli, who are farmers in Trelawany, donated 10 bags of maize, pots and plates for the family.

Other well-wishers, Mrs Matinetsa Gwatida and Mrs Concilia Tawenga also donated some groceries.

After receiving the goods, 64 year old, Mr Titos Ndowa and his wife thanked ZBC and other well wishers for the donations.

“We want to thank God for all this, for sending all of you with these donations. God is there really,” said Mrs Ndowa.

Village Head, who is also the Child Protection Committee Representative for the area, Timothy Kahuni said they will continue assisting the children and protect them against abuse.

Meanwhile, Mr Ndowa is appealing for material support to build a home on the land which is nearer to where they are staying.