Scores of independent producers and film makers in Gweru have agreed to work with ZBC in creating quality content that meets international broadcast standards. 

ZBC Gweru offices were a hive of activity as scores of independent producers and film makers thronged the national broadcaster offices for a meeting on content creation.

The parties had a frank and fruitful meeting were the national broadcaster reaffirmed its commitment in working closely with independent producers as it intensifies its drive to source local content from them.

Addressing the independent producers, ZBC Head Radio and Television Services Mrs Tendai Madondo reaffirmed the public broadcaster’s commitment in engaging and working closely with independent producers in producing quality programmes.

Although over the years the relationship between ZBC and some independent producers has been frosty owing to a number of reasons, players in the film industry welcomed the re-engagement and expressed optimism that their partnership with ZBC will strengthen both the sector and the national broadcaster.

Meanwhile, ZBC expressed its commitment in resolving some of the challenges that were raised including the need for prompt feedback and clear communication channels by the public broadcaster.