With only a few days before the official opening of television Channel 2, the technical team that was working on the new channel has officially handed over the complete studios to the ZBC management.


The completion of Channel 2 studios at ZBC comes after months of hard work which included the installation of new equipment which is digital. The technical team which was working on the Channel 2 studios officially handed over the studios to the management who applauded them for their hard work and resilience. 


ZBC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Happison Muchechetere also said everything is more than ready for channel 2 to kick off on the 1 st of May. He also took the opportunity to thank the ZBC board and the Ministry of Information for their constant support in making Channel 2 a reality.

The technical personnel also explained how the newly installed state of the art equipment is going to work.

 ZBC channel two is going to be a commercial channel which will be covering a radius of 80km and hopes are high that with time that it will cover the entire country.