Auditions for news presenters of national languages spilled into day two at ZBC Montrose Studios in Bulawayo due to the overwhelming response from the public.

The national broadcaster now has news presenters in nine minority languages namely: Xhosa, Ndau, Kalanga, Chewa, Tshangani, Venda, Sotho, Tonga and Nambya that will be based at Montrose Studios.

ZBC News caught up with some participants who had made it to the presenters pool and were ecstatic about their achievements.

They promised to give it their all when they eventually appear on television presenting news.

Some of the participants who did not make it paid tribute to the national broadcaster for the initiative to promote other languages, adding that the competition was stiff.

The process of identifying news presenters in other languages which are recognised by the constitution is still ongoing at ZBC with the dates yet to be set for the auditions.

A language expert, Mr Bonolo Noko, who was part of the adjudicating team, spoke highly of the level of presentations and the command of the different languages by the participants, saying this will go a long way in improving the languages.

ZBC News started broadcasting news in other languages besides Ndebele and Shona on television last year in September and is looking at becoming the leader in the promotion of all national languages.