dabengwa2.jpgZapu president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa says his party has decided to support the candidature of MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa in the July national elections.

Addressing a press conference in Bulawayo, the Zapu leader said his party advised him not to field his name as a presidential candidate but to support Chamisa even though they will contest each other in the National Assembly seats.

He said it was regrettable that they failed as opposition political parties to forge a grand national coalition and gang up against Zanu PF, as party leaders are more concerned about their aspirations as presidential candidates.

The party however said the electoral reforms have improved the process and should things continue this way the country could have a credible election.

The Nomination Court has set the stage for massive campaigning as parties try to convince the electorate to support their party so that they can form a new government.