A new association that endeavours to efficiently facilitate, promote and advance the welfare of agricultural administrative and technical staff towards stimulating food production has been launched.

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Professional and Technical Association (ZAPTA) represents employees in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation and Development and the Ministry of Lands.

Addressing officials who included directors from the Ministry of Public Service, government officials and farmer organisations, Mrs Emelda Mhuriro who was representing the Apex Council said for long agriculture has been lacking a representative body for the welfare of its workers.

“We have witnessed an upward  trajectory in the farmers productivity in recent years and agriculture experts have been part of the results. Where there are no associations it is difficult to ensure service delivery,” said Mrs Mhuriro.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch, the president of ZAPTA, Mr Dumisayi Muvishi said they hope the birth of the new association will work towards retaining the country’s status of being the bread basket of Africa.

“The real work starts with the launch of ZAPTA. The launch is just a ground breaking activity. It is apparent that agriculture is the backbone of the economy,” he said.

The launch attracted staff from the two ministries from all the country’s provinces.