The Zanu PF Women’s League says it is committed to transforming the lives of women through encouraging them to participate in economic and political developments of the country.

Women are regarded as the backbone of economy and their involvement in the social and political developments of the country must not be under estimated.

Women’s Affairs Secretary Cde Marble Chinomona said her vision is to see women taking up opportunities that can transform their lives.

She said it is time women come together and work in groups to ensure they easily access technical and financial support.

“We as the Women’s League are working on supporting women to ensure they are represented at all levels from ward to national level,” she said.

In terms of the country’s demographic survey, women constitute more than 52 percent of the population however this population is not reflective of people who are in decision making positions.

It is in this view that the Women’s League is now focusing on encouraging women to participate in social, political and economic development of the country.

Meanwhile the Women’s League in Harare has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to consider scrapping all rates, including water bills for residents to start on a fresh slate in the new dispensation.

Most women are facing challenges that include failure to settle water and electricity bills as well as accessing national identity cards, blocking them from registering as voters.

Zanu PF Women’s League Harare Province chairperson, Cde Ratidzo Mukarati said the various challenges being faced by women need to be addressed by the government.

 “The challenges we are facing as women include water bills, registering as voters because some of us we don’t have national identity cards,” said Cde Mukarati.

Zanu PF has urged people to take advantage of the ongoing mop up exercise by ZEC to register as voters