Vice President Kembo Mohadi says Zanu PF is ready to hand over power to the opposition if the ruling party loses the coming elections as the will of the people of Zimbabwe should always prevail. 

This comes as the government has committed its self to holding free, fair and credible polls with President Emmerson Mnangagwa having invited 46 countries to observe the election.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the recently held National Culture Week launch, Vice President Mohadi said he is confident that Zimbabweans will give President Mnangagwa’s administration the mandate to govern the country for the next five years, adding that in the event that the result does not favour them, Zanu PF will accept its outcome. 

Cde Mohadi also rubbished claims that Zanu PF is being run by the army.

“If you lose, you have lost. If you win, you win. It is not Zanu PF that has got the power, it is the people of Zimbabwe. If they vote us out, what are we going to do, because you would have rejected us, we go,” he said.

Responding to reports being peddled by some opposition parties that Zanu PF intends to rig the harmonised elections, Cde Mohadi said the party cannot interfere in the operations of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) as it is an independent body.

“How do we rig elections because elections are run by an independent body. ZEC is independent, there is no Zanu PF member there. We agreed as Zanu PF and MDC to come up with an independent body during COPAC [the constitution making process]. How do we rig something that we don’t run,” Cde Mohadi said.

President Mnangagwa has continued to call for  peaceful and non-violent elections, saying this can be attained through political maturity and tolerance of divergent views amongst Zimbabweans.