happison muchechetere.jpgThe Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Cde Happison Muchechetere says it is unprocedural for any office in government to give directives to ZBC as it has a line Ministry, a Board and a Regulatory Authority to follow if something goes amiss.


Cde Muchechetere was speaking in reaction to criticisms from some political circles on ZBC’s airing of songs portraying the virtues of the liberation struggle and the role played by some of the living and departed gallant fighters.

Cde Muchechetere said stopping to play the songs will be tantamount to insulting the intelligence of the disc jockeys.

“When people sing about President Mugabe, some say no, don’t sing about him, but why can’t they say don’t sing about Obama?”

“If people sing about the President, what right do we have to stop them?”

“We don’t want to insult the intelligence of the DJs who play those songs; they have a playlist of the songs they want to play every day, so who am I to tell them which songs to play?” said Cde Muchechetere.

Cde Muchechetere also said the music is after all in line with the Heroes and Defence Forces Days commemorations which will be held in the next few days.

Tsholotsho Member of the House of Assembly and political commentator, Professor Jonathan Moyo said even cabinet can not remove the songs from the air, as such a move will be seen as an abuse of the house by certain forces that are against Zimbabwe.

“When we celebrate our history which includes heroic participation by our leaders, no one has the right to ban our history,” said Professor Moyo.

Mberengwa East House of Assembly Member, Cde Makhosini Hlongwane described the criticisms as outrageous, adding that the party has the right to advertise and announce its presence to the public.


Cde Hlongwane added that Zanu -F will use mass media resources available to expose the good intention it has for the people of Zimbabwe.

He also expressed concern that there are certain sectors of the society that continue to be politically intolerant at a time when the country is operating under an inclusive government.