Zanu PF Midlands Province has received its primary election guidelines at a provincial elections directorate meeting held at the weekend.

Speaking on the sidelines of a provincial election directorate meeting in Gweru, the Zanu PF Midlands spokesperson Cde Cornelious Mupereri said the province has received the guidelines on how to conduct the party’s internal election process which is due on the fifth of next month.

He said the guidelines also stipulate the requirements for aspiring candidates to be eligible to represent the party in the coming elections.

Cde Mupereri noted that the guidelines however give the veterans of the struggle a special waiver on the election requirements.

The primary election guidelines will soon cascade to all the districts in the province through inter district meetings to announce the guidelines to party members said Cde Mupereri.

“Anybody who needs to qualify in the election has to have been in the district for five years. Veterans of the struggle are actually exempted from this requirement they can stand wherever they wish to stand. Members of the civil service need to resign from the service, this is constitutional. There are people who may not qualify who have served prison terms and those who have had convictions in the party, those people cannot qualify,” he said.

The Zanu PF internal election process is being supervised by the party’s National Electoral Commission.