amos midzi.pngZANU PF Harare Province joined the rest of the continent in commemorating Africa Day, with celebrations taking place at Epworth Secondary School near Harare.


Hundreds of people gathered at Epworth secondary school at a ceremony marked by music, dance and other forms of entertainment.


Almost all age groups took turns to dance to various songs which are in line with African Renaissance.


The ZANU PF Chairman for Harare Province Ambassador Amos Midzi said the 25th of May is an important day that must be observed by all Africans.


“We are gathered here to celebrate the Africa Day and as we celebrate this day, our African heroes must be remembered for the contribution they made to free Africa,” said Ambassador Midzi.


A politburo member who also attended the function Cde Cleveria Chizema said, Zimbabwe has benefited from other African countries’ support especially during tough times and should value a day which observes African unity.


Various age groups who attended the function also articulated contributions made by other African leaders to help Zimbabwe.


Besides working together in the African Union, African countries have also made great strides in improving their economic status by creating regional economic blocks such as COMESA.