zanu pf top brass 30-05-11 ed.jpgZanu PF says its policy on unity, peace and development for the majority of Zimbabweans is very clear and will never change even under the current media onslaught led by the West that has sought to portray the country negatively.

Zanu PF National Chairman Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, was speaking during a meeting with the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms Barbara Joziasse. 

In the meeting, Ambassador Moyo told the Dutch diplomat that Zanu PF’s utmost priority has always been land and its redistribution to black indigenous Zimbabweans while also ensuring that the formerly marginalised black majority benefits from the country’s natural resources.

“As a party our priority was land and all resources must revert to the control of our people.

“We must conclude the constitution on time so that we go for elections where people will chose a government of their choice,” said Ambassador Moyo.

In response, Ambassador Joziasse said the Netherlands will support Zimbabwe in its endeavour to empower its people as the European nation understands that indigenisation is crucial for the empowerment of black Zimbabweans.

Ambassador Joziasse said: “It is not up to us to decide what Zimbabwe should do, Zimbabwe is now in a new phase and we support indigenisation.”

Observers say the acceptance of the country’s indigenisation policy by the Kingdom of the Netherlands is set to open a new chapter in bilateral relations between the two countries while further isolating Britain from its traditional allies in the EU who want to restore their relations with Zimbabwe.