exhumed bodies3.jpgThe Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust, which has been leading the exhumations at Chibondo in Mt Darwin, has identified the remains of a comrade who was in the ZANLA High Command during the liberation war.

The Fallen Heroes Trust through its chief exhumer, Cde Jimmy Motsi has identified remains of Cde Rauya, who is said to have been in the ZANLA high command in the 1970s.

Cde Rauya was the first political commissar for the liberation movement during the 70s.

Cde Rauya, who was coloured, was killed in Mozambique in the early 70s and his remains were found among others exhumed from a disused mine shaft at Chibondo Mine in Mt Darwin. 

FHZT in conjunction with various government departments has launched the reburial of remains exhumed at Chibondo Shrine in Mt Darwin.

The shrine was declared a class one national monument and a museum will be built there to preserve the history of the massacre at Chibondo.

Exhumations of remains which were dumped in a disused mine shaft started in March and remains of over 700 combatants and civilians were exhumed from the mine. 

Meanwhile the FHZT Treasurer, Cde Mandi Chimene has added her voice to the ongoing chaos in Britain, which was triggered by the shooting of a black man Mark Duggan.