The Zimbabwe Association of Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists (ZAMLCS) Bulawayo Chapter has volunteered to offer their expertise to help the nation fight the cholera outbreak.

In a media briefing, the Bulawayo City Council Health Services Deputy Director Dr Khulamuzi Nyathi revealed that they have welcomed the pledge from ZAMLCS as this will boost capacity of laboratory services in diagnosing the deadly pandemic.

“We have been approached by an association of laboratory scientists who are going to boost laboratory manpower by volunteering their expertise especially in diagnosing cholera throughout this outbreak,” he said.

An executive member of ZAMLCS Mr Adam Omar said they were touched by the dire health situation in the country and felt that they can use their free time to do voluntary work in the clinical laboratories.

“This cholera outbreak has really affected our nation, being an organisation which is full of professionals, we really felt that we need to help the nation by offering our services for free,” he said.

Mr Omar also said the association has not only seen experienced practitioners participating, but graduands who are unemployed and have ample time to assist with the critical skills.

“It is an association that has a lot of professionals who specialised in different areas. We have got those who specialised in microbiology which in this case is most needed in diagnosing and giving guidance to therapy or pharmacists,” he said.

The last confirmed cholera case in Bulawayo was in 2008 and despite not having confirmed cholera cases in the recent outbreak, the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province has vowed to remain on high alert against any symptoms of diarrhoea and typhoid.