kanindo shadreck muchabayiwa.jpgZambian kanindo music player, Shadreck Muchabayiwa has produced a new album, Ariko with the help of local Zimbabwean artists.  

Although his music is best described as kanindo, a genre of music that hit the airwaves in the 1970s, Shadreck Muchabaiwa says his kanindo beat is deeply rooted in a fusion of kalindula and Rhumba music.


In Zimbabwe, Kanindo music has stood the test of time after creating waves during the 1970s and is still marketable in many African countries.

Backed by his group Afro Elite, Muchabaiwa is proud to be associated with the beat that he sings in Shona, Bemba, Nyanja and Lingala.

On his latest CD album, Ariko, he sought the help of veteran congas player, John Muyambo better known in the music and theatre industry as Chibhodhoro and lead guitarist Brian Tagarira, among others.

Although some music critics have said this type of music originated from Tanzania and Kenya, Shadreck believes that it was popularised in Zambia.

He said Kanindo is the true beat of Africa and gave rise to other beats like Sungura and Rhumba that a lot of Zimbabwean and African artistes are playing today.