zambian delegation 22-08-10.jpgA nine member Zambian delegation is in the country on an education tour to learn more on what Zimbabwe is doing to promote and market tourism internationally.


The Permanent Secretary in Zambia’s Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, Mrs Lilian Kapulu said their visit is a manifestation of the close bond between Zimbabwe and Zambia, which extends beyond geographical borders.

“Zambia and Zimbabwe are one and what separate us are just official boundaries, hence our coming here to learn what Zimbabwe is doing in promoting and marketing tourism.

“We have come with a 9 man delegation to learn because we are one people and we want to continue with this regional cooperation,” said Mrs Kapulu.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Dr Sylvester Maunganidze echoed Mrs Kapulu’s sentiments, adding that since the two countries share tourism endowments such as the Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, it is important for the them to share tourism experiences as well.

“They have come here on a study tour to look at our system and how ZTA operates.

“Obviously they’ve taken a leaf from the ZTA.

“ It’s an educational tour and in the touring party are directors of the Zambian Tourism Board. It’s an important step towards achieving regional integration,” said Dr Maunganidze.

The Zambian delegation, which also visited the Zimbabwe National Hereos Acre, was taken through a presentation on historical tourism and monuments.

Zambia and Zimbabwe share liberation history and some of the luminaries lying at the National Shrine such as Cde Hebert Chitepo and Cde Alfred Nikita Mangena died in Zambia during the war against the Rhodesian regime.