parkswildlife.jpgMillions of American dollars were raised at the Zambezi  Valley Hunting Camps and Fisheries Auction held recently in the capital by the Zimbabwe Parks and wildlife Management authority.

The hunting of Wild animals ranging from buffalos , lions, elephants and leopards went on auction under the Zambezi valley Hunting camps and fisheries.

The auction attracted a lot of international, regional and local buyers.

In an interview Parks and wildlife Management Board member Mr. Jerry Gotora said the auction was necessitated by the need for the authority to raise money for conservation of the country’s game parks which has become an expensive exercise.


He said such auctions are meant to help reduce poaching as they give the public an opportunity to officially pay for hunting permits and hunt animals of their choice legally.

Wildlife buyers and hunters mainly foreigners present at the auction said compared to other years the prices of hunting trophies this year had risen by almost 15%.

They attributed the price hike to the huge demand in hunting mainly by traditional international hunters who are mostly Americans and British.

The Zambezi valley area of Zimbabwe contains some of the biggest concentrations of game in the country.

The area stretches from the Kariba Gorge to the bottom of Mupata Gorge and has been subdivided into Safari areas and a national park.