Villagers of Zaka ward 8 have come together to contribute funds towards the completion of Murerekwa Clinic whose construction began in 2011.

Currently, ward 8 villagers are walking a distance of not less than 10km to access the nearest health care institution, and this is particularly cumbersome for expectant mothers.

Since 2011, hope has been pinned on the construction of Murerekwa Clinic, but several challenges have hindered progress in the completion of the clinic.

Villagers have now come together to contribute funds as they hope to complete the building.

Ward 8 councillor, Tererayi Tererayi said progress in the construction of the clinic was also affected by wrangles among the political leaders in the province, highlighting that they have since been resolved.

Chief Ndanga appealed to the business community in Zaka to partner the villagers and assist them in acquiring building materials to ensure speedy completion of the clinic.

“It is not good that people are far away from hospitals. It is even more difficult for expecting mothers and children, so this initiative will go a long way in addressing this challenge,” he said.

Ward 8 villagers currently access medical attention at Msiso and Gumbo clinic or Jerera hospital which are all within a distance of more than 10km.