The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) says they are now fully-equipped and financially sound to fight and investigate corruption throughout the country.

Addressing a media briefing at the ZACC head office, Head Commissioner Goodson Nguni said the corruption watchdog is now fully capacitated and mandated to make intensive follow-ups on all outstanding corruption cases.

Some of the targeted persons and institutions include former finance minister Tendai Biti who is alleged to have authorised an illegal transfer of $30 million to Renaissance Bank during his tenure as finance minister while banks such as Kingdom Bank, Royal Bank and Interfin are investigated for illegal money laundering.

“The new dispensation has allowed us to recruit and set up special investigating team comprised of experts from outside our commission such as lawyers and economists and we are ready to look into major issues sabotaging our economy. We are going to look into companies balance sheets, investigate those which are not paying tax,” he said.

Commissioner Nguni further told journalists that ZACC is also digging deep on the issue regarding cash shortages accusing commercial banks of illegally channelling cash into the streets while retailers and fast foods outlets will be quizzed for not depositing monies into banks.

He also said the commission is also investigating misuse of public funds at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) saying some of the funds invested by the institution were not legally issued.

“We are going to investigate everyone and if evidence is brought forward we will arrest. We want to investigate fast foods outlets who do not deposit money into banks yet they transact cash on a daily basis. We want to know how and why fresh notes are in the streets,” said Commissioner Nguni.

The ZACC Head Commissioner said the new dispensation has opened up space for them to pursue any corruption leads and added that the commission is working hand in glove with other government organs to put an end to all illegal activities.