Zimbabweans tomorrow (Thursday) commemorate the National Youth day at a time the country is in the process of addressing the legacy challenges which have affected the country for more than two decades.

With unemployment high and the state of the economy still improving as the government implements austerity measures, some youths in Harare have called on the government to assist in creating opportunities for them to access lines of credit as well as to create employment opportunities.

Some expressed a dim view of their current circumstances as they say joblessness has become their livelihood and their wish ahead of the National Youth Day is for the resuscitation of industry so that they may secure employment.

For Young Africa Leadership Initiative Regional Co-ordinator, Mr Takemore Mazuruse, there are many talented young entrepreneurs with vibrant ideas whose greatest challenge is lack of access to lines of credit. 

Social commentator, Richard Mahomva urged youths to think outside the box and create job opportunities for themselves.

The National Youth Day is commemorated on the 21st of February, the day Zimbabwe’s founding President, Cde Robert Mugabe, was born.