saviour kasukuwere 15.11.10.jpgGovernment is working on various programmes to address challenges of unemployment among youths in Zimbabwe.

This was said by the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere during the commemorations of the Day of the African Child in Harare this weekend.

The Day of the African Child commemorations focussing on the issue of children living on the streets, was marked with enthusiasm and excitement among the thousands of students and youths who see it as a special occasion to meet their leaders and senior policy makers and debate on issues affecting them.

Minister Kasukuwere noted that unemployment remains among the major challenges facing Zimbabwean youths today and that his ministry has come up with strategies to facilitate youth participation in the mainstream economy.

The programmes include vocational training and integrated skills outreach programmes, the Youth Build Zimbabwe Programme and the Youth Development Fund, which is aimed at financing youth projects and promoting self employment initiatives.

Several ministers also spoke about how they are assisting children to develop themselves for a better future and better living conditions.

Zimbabwe has some of the best youth programmes in Africa and the Junior Parliament Programme is taken seriously as a platform to empower children.