zimbabwean youths 21-09-10.jpgYouth representatives are holding a 5 day festival meant to promote peace across the political and social divides.
The first day of the 5 day festival saw the youths coming together to discuss their role in safeguarding peace in the country.


The youths held a workshop where different youth organisations condemned all forms of violence.


Spokesperson for Zimbabwe Youth Organisation Network, Michael Mabwe said the festival aims at coming up with a declaration to guide government in dealing with the youths as active participants in peace building strategies.


“The bigger picture is community building. We want to complement government programmes. We are leaders today and we are saying zero tolerance to violence,” said Mabwe.


A representative of Civic Education Network, Francisca Mandeya said the workshop is a good platform for engagement as the youth know what is needed for peace and prosperity, even though they come from diverse political backgrounds.


She said: “It’s the youths who are the majority and it is important to engage them for the development of the country.”


The festival is running under the theme ‘Ukubambana: Make Peace Happen’.


It is expected to be officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara this Friday, with acting President John Nkomo expected to close the festival on Saturday.