yc-logo.jpgZimbabwean youths who attended this year’s nine day 17th World Festival of Youth and Students held in Tshwane South Africa recently have described the event as a huge success.

The Zimbabwean youths led by the ZANU PF Youth League used the festival as a platform to tell the rest of the world the Zimbabwean story by staging a number of demonstrations and meeting with various youth organisations from across the globe.

They said such activities sought to educate their peers from other countries about the indigenisation and empowerment policies and the Land Reform Programme.

The festival agreed that sanctions illegally imposed on Zimbabwe by the west should be removed.

The meeting also denounced the use of donors by western nations to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

However, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, which organised the festival, had to order Morrocco to leave five days before the meeting ended, following an altercation between delegates from Western Sahara and Morroco.