youngentreprenuers 1.jpgYoung entrepreneurs have called on government and established players in the mining industry to consider them as capable players in the industry.


With the discovery of diamonds among other minerals in the country and the indigenisation law instituted by government, young entrepreneurs say, government and big players in the mining sector should fully recognise them as serious players in the industry for the growth of mining.

The youths say established entities are sidelining them when engaging service providers as well as the allocation of mining concessions.

Speaking to ZBC News, Young Entreprenuers Network Director, Mr Peter Mapfiro lamented how young entrepreneurs are losing business to traditional players.

“We have the technical know how, but we are failing as tenders and allocations are being given to those who have been in the industry for long. We have funds to get into business, but the mining houses are not forth coming in considering our tenders,” said Mr Mapfiro.

“We have approached mining houses like Zimplats and Mimosa as registered companies, but most of the tenders have been turned down in favour of traditional service providers. We have invested in short cretin equipment”

Traditionally, mining has been a preserve of multi-national companies, but of late with the introduction of the indigenisation law, there has been an influx of indigenous players that include women and youths venturing into the sector.