daily news and herald.jpgYouth have reacted angrily to an article in a local daily newspaper which alleges that there is disintegration of the rule of law in Zimbabwe and that the country is inhabitable.



Following a newspaper article carried in a daily publication, which stated that Zimbabwe has nothing to celebrate after 31 years of what was said to be ‘hell,’ a cross section of youths have denounced the local daily and the author of the article for irresponsible journalism, saying the piece is malicious and not reflective of the prevailing situation in Zimbabwe.


“We are shocked about reports that Zimbabwe is inhabitable. If it was so, then why are there people in the country, where does all these private media houses operating from if we are in hell?” asked one youth.


“Some of these reports are just malicious. Why are these media trying to create unrest in our beloved country, Zimbabwe? What would they gain from that?” asked Cde Spencer Mabeka, a Zanu PF Harare Province DCC 4 Youth Secretary for Administration.


Cde Mabeka added that the owners of daily publication are being handled by imperialist detractors bent on denigrating the achievements brought about by independence.


Whilst government has always urged media practitioners to practise responsible journalism, which paints a correct picture of events rather than relying on sensationalism, some sections of the private media have on a number of occasions courted controversy through some articles which contain falsehoods and have led to legal action by aggrieved parties.