zeya vice president 09-08-10.jpgYouth empowerment has taken yet another progressive dimension following the establishment of the Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Youth Action Group which will enable young people to speak with a collective voice on economic issues.


The Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Youth Action, ZEYA which was established last week is a youth empowerment organisation, registered with the Zimbabwe Youth Council under the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment.

Its main action plan is to enable the youth to gain access to business opportunities and natural resources.

ZEYA’s Vice President, James Pande said his organisation will serve as a launch-pad for the youth to play a part in the growth of the country’s economy.

“ZEYA is a black empowerment group which serves the objectives of the youths, and to implement the ideas of the youths and the vision in the economic vision of the country.”

“The youths have a big role to play in the economy and it is up to us to make things happen,” said Pande.

The Acting Capacity Builder in the Zimbabwe Youth Council, Alice Maponda said the establishment of ZEYA is a welcome development particularly in uplifting women in economic affairs.

“Although this is a new development we’re happy that youths have taken it upon themselves to empower other youth.”

“We’re happy that gone are the days when the kitchen was considered the woman’s place, now they can participate in nation building activities which helps put them at the same level with men,” Maponda said.

ZEYA, which has an advisory board and an executive committee, comprises a diverse number of portfolios which include education, mining and manufacturing.