exhumed bodies3.jpgA cross section of youths in Harare has expressed shock at the level of Rhodesian brutality against black people as shown by the exhumation of remains of hundreds of sons and daughters of the soil in a mine shaft in Mt Darwin, saying it is high time the perpetrators of the horrific crimes were brought to book.


Young people in Harare, most of whom were born after independence, say the recent exhumations in Mt Darwin have opened their eyes to the level of cruelty by the former colonialists, saying the exercise has exposed the West’s double standards when dealing with human rights violations.

Zimbabwe Struggle Support Movement President, Cde Tonderayi Maeka said, the spirits of the late heroes are troubled as the people who robbed them of their right to live are still enjoying freedom, hence the need to make the West’s kith and keen pay the price for their actions.

Other youths said it is time Zimbabweans speak with one voice in castigating the former colonialists and their British masters for their continued human rights abuses perpetrated through the imposition of illegal sanctions.

“For us young people, we have been given a lesson of what it is like when dealing with a white man.What crime against humanity can surpass what we saw on television. These people need to be arrested” said one youth.

The exhumation of the remains of the cadres’ some of whom lie in unknown mass graves across the country is being conducted by the Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust and has since seen the reburial of the remains of over 2 000 cadres.