kcoventry.jpgZimbabwe’s swimming queen Kirsty Coventry who is back in the country, says she hopes to play a major role in helping develop local sport by getting involved with different communities and academies.

Kirsty Coventry has expressed a strong desire to play a leading role in sports development by partnering with local communities and academies.


Zimbabwe’s queen of the waters who is back in the country from the United States, found time to impart some essential knowledge to up and coming athletes to help them in their endeavor to imitate her path and one day become Olympic champions.


Coventry called on the young athletes to work hard in whatever discipline they were pursuing, and cited her career as an example of the fruits that hard work and training can bring.


Kirsty Coventry who had been based in the United States of America where she attended College, shot to fame after winning a gold, silver and bronze medal at the Olympic Games held in Athens in 2004 before moving a step better to win three silver medals and a gold at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


She has now relocated to South Africa.