sculptors.jpgWith more than 10 years experience, a number of young artists who operate from high density suburbs are still failing to get proper places where they can exhibit their pieces of work resulting in some deciding to sell their pieces in galleries whilst others resort to using roadsides as points of sales.

Mabvuku-based Tonderai Katsande and Mbare-based Adolfo Musengedi say they specialise in providing stone sculptures carved by using springstone, opal and serpentine stones. 

Some of their works represent contemporary and traditional carvings. Most of their pieces are displayed on road sides.

Traditionally, a number of artists have created little sculptural art, either for decoration of other spiritual purposes. Mbare-based sculptor Adolfo Musengedi said his pieces are mainly abstract.

Whilst their pieces are called “creation art”, a number of renowned artists come up with pieces that explore nature and their own mythological history.

Before the sculptors start working on the stone, they must not only find it first but above all explore its character.

In most cases, the stone tells them what shape and character it finally must have. Therefore the artists can work on it only as long as they carry the image in their mind which the stone has conveyed to them.