A 60-year-old writer, Imelda Tsumba has joined the fight against abuse.

Statistics show that women and children are among the vulnerable groups of society who suffer abuse each day.

Listening to their life experience will help one understand the various forms of abuse existing in the world.

It is through these life experiences that the popular female author penned her book titled: ‘Stop the Abuse’ that helps define and unpack the various forms of abuse faced in society.

The book is aimed at raising awareness and facilitating the reduction of cases of abuse in communities.

Stop the Abuse unpacks abuse faced by children including orphans in the form of hate speech and other forms of abuse they face and clearly defines how abuse is perpetrated.

Tsumba has published more than 35 books and can be considered one of the country’s motivational writers as she illustrates some of her thoughts drawing from real life experiences.