Award winning writer and storyteller, Ignatius Mabasa has developed an application on animated folktales that can be accessed on mobile phones with the initiative revolutionalising folktale tradition.

The development comes at a time when digital technology is contributing a lot to the shunning of traditional practices and indigenous knowledge systems.

According to Mabasa, the application titled Zimtales is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store and aims to sharpen story telling skills by the young generation while promoting the preservation of the Zimbabwean culture.

“The animated folktales on the Zimtales application can be accessed in different formats that including e-story book and audio and videos, with the platform beingĀ  open to other story tellers to share local content and showcase Zimbabwean culture and language,” he said.

The project was developed in the context relevant to modern day audiences as reflected in some of the tales that include Chemberedzemusango and Chipo Nechipopayi.

Mabasa said he developed the application with the assistance of his UK based colleague, Tarisai Gundu with the project being part of initiatives to use arts, heritage and indigenous knowledge systems to preserve national values.