word-tourism-day.jpgPreparations for the World Tourism Day to be held on the 27th of September are at an advanced stage, with government promising to put in place necessary stimulus packages including funding to consolidate the growth of local tourism.


Zimbabwe will celebrate World Tourism Day in Victoria Falls amid celebrations of the recovery of tourism in Zimbabwe.


In an interview, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Spokesperson, Mr. Sugar Chagonda, said a number of activities, including the National Tourism Awards lined up for the day.


“In line with the 2010 World Tourism Day theme of “Tourism and Biodiversity”, priority will be given to the promotion of green tourism, which is expected to contribute towards countering climate change as well as promoting biodiversity and sustainable tourism developmewtdlogo.jpgnt.


“The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry is especially concerned with the rampant destruction of forestry and habitat pollution of the environment and other forms of environmental degradation.”


Zimbabwe is a family member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization and as such joins the global family in celebrating World Tourism Day on 27 September of every year.