world bank logo 04.11.10.jpgThe World Bank is expected to engage government in strategising a debt repayment plan, a move that will set the tone for fresh capital injection to Zimbabwe.

The World Bank’s move which signals a shift in its policies on Zimbabwe is being made when the nation’s homegrown economic policies have lead to increased productivity, with agriculture and mining contributing huge earnings.

The World Bank’s director for global centre on conflict and security development, Mr. Joel Hellman said in an interview with ZBC News in Harare that the institution is happy with Zimbabwe’s economic performance and plans are in progress to come up with a favourable debt repayment plan on outstanding arrears currently hovering at around US$2 billion.

“We hope this move will go a long way in addressing the economic challenges affecting Zimbabwe,” said Mr Hellman.

The World Bank has been criticised by economic observers for its policies such as the Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) of the early 90’s which lead to the collapse of developing economies.

Economic experts are questioning the credibility of the bank’s willingness to restore normal relations yet its policies have stringent conditions determined by the western economies.