world bank logo 04.11.10.jpgA World Bank business delegation is in Zimbabwe to assess the country’s economic performance during the past eight months.

The visiting delegation is in talks with key government ministries and the private sector on policies to consolidate macro-economic gains as well as restoring business confidence.

In an interview in Harare, World Bank’s country Director for Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Ms Kundhavi Kadiresan said the multilateral institution is interested in improving relations with the government of Zimbabwe.

“We are in Zimbabwe to mend ties and we hope this will work out,” said Ms Kadiresan.

The World Bank’s Country Manager for Zimbabwe, Mr Mungai Lenneiye says the Bretton Woods institution is also involved in discussions with the government on a favourable debt repayment strategy to resume financial rescue packages.

“We are also looking into the issue of funding policies for Zimbabwe,” said Mr Lenneiye.

The Bretton Woods institution has been criticised for its involvement in the country’s economic policies while refusing to provide any meaningful financial support, amid calls by economic experts for government to continue focusing on mobilising capital from internal resources.

The World Bank’s team, which arrived in the country last week, is expected to finalise its meetings by end of this week.