john mutswatiwa.jpgThe National Social Security Authority (NSSA) says accidents at the workplace continue to rise, with the month of July recording 304 injuries and 5 deaths.



According to statistics released by NSSA, the increase in the numbers of accidents occurring at the workplace shows that employers are not complying with the set safety standards and regulations.


The authority’s Chief Inspector of Factories, Mr. John Mutswatiwa says a record of 5 deaths in one month is too high for an economy that is recovering from a period of decline.


“It is saddening to note that most of the injuries that occur at the workplace are a result of negligence and failure by employers to provide safety clothing and equipment for their workers.


“We have those who work in risky and heavy industries so NSSA inspectors are empowered by the law to make arrests in the event that companies are not complying,” he said.


Records maintained by NSSA indicate that serious accidents continue to occur in all sectors of the economy.


Government’s position is that no one should die in the process of creating wealth for the country and all those who create wealth should do so in a safe and healthy manner so that they live to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Operations of factories and other related industries are governed by the Factories and Works Act, which attracts heavy penalties for employers if not implemented for the health and safety of workers.