Renowned Kenyan scholar Professor Patrick Lumumba has urged youths to work towards unity of purpose in building a better Zimbabwe and shun violence.

Zimbabwe prides in a youth dividend that is educated and entrepreneurial, an envy of many nations both within the region and abroad.

Identified by the African Union (AU) as a key pillar for economic growth, the youth component in Zimbabwe carriers the hope for the nation towards a prosperous economy, which can only be achieved though a shared vision and common goal.

This formed the basis of the message conveyed to youths who convened in the capital this weekend for an interface with Professor Lumumba.

Professor Lumumba who is visiting Zimbabwe for the third time, comes at the invitation of the youth advocacy for reform and democracy who hopes to maximise on his deep understanding to instill a sense of pan Africanism amongst youths.

Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) founder Honourable Temba Mliswa highlighted that youths are the backbone of any country’s economy.

“There is nothing a nation can achieve without the inclusion of youth. The economy is built by the young generation,” Honourable Mliswa said.

Also speaking during the same occasion was DRC’s Ambassador to the AU Mrs Fransicine Mayumbu who called on youth to engage in dialogue if the nation is to enjoy peace and stability.

YARD is a non-political organisation formed in 2016 with the mandate of advocating for the inclusion of youths in nation building.