iranian ambassador 14.09.10.jpgThe nation has been urged to remain united and work to overcome sanctions in order to develop the country.


Zimbabweans have been urged to speak with one voice on the issue of sanctions and work together for the development of the nation.

This was said by the Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mohammed Pournajaf who was Guest of Honour at a Constituency Development Fund feedback meeting held at Nyaure Clinic in Goromonzi, where he also donated blankets, detergents, vegetable oil and stationary to the needy in the area.

Ambassador Pournajaf said Zimbabweans could learn from Iran which has employed various measures to bust western sanctions.

“We need to work for the development of the country….we have been under sanctions for a long time, but we realised that they are a building block to our nation….so instead of being harmful they are a cause for development,” said Ambassador Pournajaf.

Goromonzi West House of Assembly Member, Cde. Beatrice Nyamupinga, also urged people from Goromonzi to be on the look out for political elements bent on destabilising peace and development.

“We need to build 3 blocks… far we have bought material to build a maternity ward and still need to purchase material for two blocks.

“Let us be united as a community because illness does not care which political party you belong to……..let us come together for the development of our area,” said Cde. Nyamupinga.

The feedback meeting coincided with the Islamic peoples’ celebrations to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter, Fatemah, which is remembered by works of goodwill.

Iran and Zimbabwe share a common history of anti-imperialistic struggle with both countries under sanctions imposed by the west.