passport fees slashed 08-09-10.jpgThe Registrar General’s office has resumed the issuing and processing of passports and other documents following the repair of equipment that was damaged on the 31st of December last year.



There was a hype of activity at Makombe in Harare, as people jostled to submit passport application forms as well as apply for national identity cards.


The processing of these documents had been suspended, following damage of equipment at KG6 on the 31st of December last year.


Confirming that his office has started operations, Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede, took the opportunity to warn the public not to be associated with touts who are terrorising his offices.


“We have opened fully as we have promised that on the 10th of January, we will be up and running. Measures are being put in place to curb the problem of touts, so people should not be involved with these people because anyone seen dealing with them will be brought to book,” said RG Mudede.

tobaiwa mudede 14-12-10.jpg

Touts have been taking advantage of the situation by selling queue positions to people who want to process passports, a move which was condemned by members of the public.


“Corruption is rife at Makombe. We end up paying large sums of money, at least US$200 on top of the gazetted fee for a passport,” said one applicant.


When the news crew arrived at the Registrar General’s offices, some of the touts had already been arrested by the police.


Due to large numbers of people in need of passports, some analysts have called for the decentralisation of the printing and processing of national documents.