cde olivia muchena 13-09-10.jpgWomen have been urged to venture into the mining sector and benefit from the vast natural resources that the country is endowed with.


The remarks were made by the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Dr Olivia Muchena during a ceremony which saw 75 local women receive gold mining certificates from government.


Dr Muchena said the government is working on demystifying and democratising the mining sector, an area which used to be a preserve for men.

She said there is need for a broad based empowerment in the mining sector, adding that the 20% figure of women miners is still low.

“Women are slowly moving into the mining sector and we are confident that they will turn around this economy,” said Dr Muchena.


Minerals and Mining Development Deputy Minister, Mr Gift Chimanikire also encouraged women to be united and work together in the mining sector.

He said there are a number of issues that the government needs to put in place which includes the issue of collateral in banks.

“We want to ensure that women access funds easily and government is more than ready to give the basic technical skills that are required,” said Mr Chimanikire.

More than 230 women have gold mining claims at the moment and 70 of them are already enjoying the benefits from the country’s natural resources.