Women have been urged to take up leadership positions so that they can protect their voice in society and become active participants in driving the national agenda.

In an endeavour to explore ways on how to reduce the gender leadership gap, women in  decision making positions drawn from various sectors in Mashonaland Central Province gathered in Bindura for a consultative meeting dubbed: ‘Strengthening Women’s Leadership in Public Administration, Independent Commissions and Civil Society Organisations.’

Participants at the meeting highlighted several barriers they said continue to hinder the participation of women in leadership roles.

Institute for Young Women Development Director, Glanis Changachirere said there is need to enhance education programmes within communities so as to transform people’s mindset that looks down upon women.

In Mashonaland Central Province alone, only one government department out of 30 and two parastatals out of 18, are headed by women.

The meeting was organised by the Institute for Young Women’s Development and Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe.